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    iscan is8000 self-service book scanner
    iscan is8000 books canner A2(图1)

    The iscan is8000 is one of the most successful and versatile book scanners in the international market and convinces users by its high quality and ease of use as well as its high reliability and durability.

    iscan is8000 continues this success story. Equipped with the latest Matrix Sensor Technology, high-quality optics, 23" touch screen monitor, conservational book cradle, innovative, environment friendly LED illumination concept and modern-designed casing the iscan is8000 is setting new technological standards.

    The intuitive, user-friendly operating software Easy Scan was functionally expanded by a new finger removal and flexible billing interface.

    The modular expansion by a powerful OCR software, a flexible accounting interface and the delivery services application round up the system.

    The pioneering Matrix Sensor Technology provides a uniquedepth of field of 12 cm with a resolution of up to 600 dpi and ensures consistently high quality with a unique scanning speed of 0.3 seconds and a processing time of 2.2 seconds (scanning - imaging - storage!).

    Features & Options


    iscan is8000 A2

    Legend: &radic; - included, O - option

    Self adjusting book cradle&radic;

    layout section: 460 x 645 mm

    Scanning speed0.3 s. full format / maximal resolution
    Cycle time2.2 s. scanning + imaging + saving
    Embedded PC with 23" touchscreen&radic;

    Microsoft Windows&reg; Embedded 8 Standard operating system with Unified Write Filter technology for maximum security; 3rd Generation Intel&reg; Core&trade; i5 processor, 8GB main memory, 80GB SSD

    Optical book curve correction&radic;  
    LED illumination system&radic; UV and IR free
    Makrolon&reg; pressure guidance kitO  
    Easy Scan Software&radic; Basic scanning application for self service
    Alignment toolO Illuminated subsidiary center line
    Easy Scan Professional SoftwareO Advanced scanning application