Aikan Image Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd. is the largest professional image processing
equipment supplier in China.
  The company is situated in Beijing. Our core business consists of researching and developing image technology products, professional scanner production,image digitization, data collection and analysis, providing our customers with integrated systems for various applications.
  Since the establishment of the company, we always focuse on image technology and the information management of the documents.We are the leading provider for image digitization in China.

  In Bad Nauheim, Germany and in Beijing, China we set up an image technology research and development center.
The following core systems have been developed in our research and development centers, for example,the matrix point-to-point scanning acquisition system,the mobile data acquisition system and the Non-contact document acquisition system.These systems have been comprehensively applied in various branches to help our customers to succeed.
  Because of our concentration on this field, we become the most professional image digitization expert in China.